“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Monday, 25 June 2012

Cameron? Sense of entitlement? Nah!

Descended from a long line of bankers, stockbrokers, wealthy landowners and suchlike parasites. Educated at the same prep school as Prince Edward and Prince Andrew before going on to Eton and Oxford. Gap year job working as a researcher for his godfather and wealthy Tory MP Tim Rathbone. This is the man who has the gall to pontificate about "a culture of entitlement." amongst the poorest sections of society - and at breakfast tables across the land the sound of boiled eggs being hit with the backs of spoons and copies of the Daily Mail being rustled will be drowned out by a chorus of "quite right, quite right." I just wish that I could feel more angry and less depressed about all of this.


Anonymous said...

I cheer myself up thinking how i'd never tire slapping his irritating little chops - it get's me through these sapping times!

Forever young said...

I've never inherited anything except love and humanity from my working class parents. No capital, no title, no money. They both worked all their lives and weren't drinkers or smokers. Payed their taxes and put up with me and my sister during the sixties with our style, politics and pills.
Cameron can stuff his silver spoon up his arse. I'm good dude! Class War it is!

Anonymous said...

Your right, its absolutely depressing, what to do, the various classes seem to be sunk in the deepest apathy-they are just waiting to go back & shop till they drop-again: except the poor buggars who can't shop, maybe a tin of baked beans. The Tory's & their chums in the City will get away with it. Arise ye starvelings from your slumber. M