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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ian Bone set to snatch Easliegh from Lib Dems.

If the court choose to believe the Greek economist and Chris Huhne ex Valiki Courmiuzis (AKA Vicky Price) the former Coalition Energy Secretary could well be looking at a custodial sentence. If that happens   Huhne's Easliegh seat will be up for grabs and the ensuing by-election could turn out to be very interesting. Why, even Ian Bone has threatened to stand on a Class War ticket. Quite right to. (Removes pipe from mouth and pours large gin.) Good luck Ian.


Gitane said...

The Guardian is running a poll on what makes you proud to be British? The Queen or the Sex Pistols? The SPs are on 79% and Brenda comes in at 21! The Guardian is well respected internationally and if we can keep the stats up the international embarassment to the monarchy brand will be outstandingly good anti monarchist propaganda. Tell your mates! Bet yer life the telegraph are already on it , a couple of hours ago it was 85 to 15 for the SPs!

Anonymous said...

What a strange post. No matter that it should be Mr Huhne's wrongdoing that should force a byelection rather than his ex-wife's, but what on earth is the relevance of her nationality, occupation, or previous name to any of this? If she goes by Vicky Price, then what of it? That's her name, just like any number of émigrés' (and Anthony Wedgwood Benn's) current names are their names. The way you put it appears to be inviting inferences on the basis of her a) having an anglicised name and b) being, y'know, foreign. Which I'm sure wasn't the intention.

ray said...

You are right Anonymous, that was not the intention.
Not the smartest post on reflection.

Anonymous said...

No worries Ray: this bloody internet makes it too easy to post intemperately and be picked up by slightly-touchy bystanders like me... For what it's worth, the Eastleigh by-election is likely to happen, and likely to be interesting. Ian's politics don't quite match mine, but I hope to see him standing and keeping his deposit at least. *pours gin*

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