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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Council Tax dodgers of Knightsbridge.

If there is one thing that irritates the mega-rich it's having their financial details pored over as if they were ordinary folk. The secretive owners of apartments at One Hyde Park are being pursued for non-payment of council tax and the more publicity this gets the more irritated they will be. The rich - not to be confused with those greedy public sector workers of course.


Jemmy Hope said...

I bet they get away with it. I'm surprised the council's even bothering to try.
One thing I've always wondered about, do the TV licence detector vans ever do a sweep of the areas where the rich live?

Chris H said...

If they aren't registered for council tax then perhaps it should be taken that they're uninhabited? Bit of a prize for anyone seeking somewhere to bed down. At least until the government tinker with the laws on squatting.