“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Blade Runner Olympics.

It's a shame but those clean limbed young athletes competing against each other for Olympic glory next year seem increasingly likely to be overshadowed by darker forces. The Americans (why are Yanks always so scared) are so concerned about security, or the lack of it, that they will be sending over a thousand security personnel including 500 FBI agents. These cheerful folk will be armed to the teeth of course and if the government roll over to American demands for an armed presence on the streets of the capital it will be hard to deny similar demands from other states. Hundreds of coked up G men, Met robocops, private (Mac)security wannabees, agents from every country that can afford to release them from homeland duties, London awash with guns, high speed chases down the VIP lanes. Those Londoners who can afford to get out for the duration will do so. The rest will cower in their homes watching a sporting event taking place just down the road beamed to them from satellites in space as tracer rounds light up the night sky and the sound of automatic fire reverberates around the city. I really must stop reading those old 2000AD comics.

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