“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Friday, 11 November 2011

City in favour of regulation - for mushroom picking.

Being made up as it is of freewheeling entrepreneurs, property developers, Freemasons and hedge fund spivs, the City Of London Corporation is not noted for it's love of regulation. Well not unless the regulations refer to something really threatening - like mushroom picking for example. It's those dastardly East Europeans again! Not content with eating Brenda's swans and failing to understand that here in England we put fish back when we catch them and only cook proper fish fingers, now the Slavonic deluge are picking all our bleeding toadstools. Well look and learn people. When those deregulated city types are finished we could all end up foraging for a living.

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Gitane said...

The Albertkuip is a famous food market in Amsterdam. In the late sixties it was popular for early morning Saturday rendevous for ravers to meet up for post drug fuelled nosh and beer. The number 13 tram would take you from the centrum , through utrechterstaat to the market. Club to grub. Some kroegs (pubs) would offer smoked eels (gerokt paling) others baked mussels(gebakked mosselen) or raw herring. One of the stalls had a fucking huge trussed and cooked bird as its centrepiece. They were offering "svan brodjies" for breakfast. Swan baps! They were delicious with a bolergie met pils. This was cheap prol food comrades not the contemporary yuppified experience !