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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Joy Of Fracking.

Is there nothing that the odious Lord Snooty and his chums would not do to get the economy moving again? Apparently not. You might think that they would be content with cutting to the bone and making UK as employer friendly as anywhere outside of Central Asia, but you would be wrong. The coalition have now given the go ahead for the extraction of shale gas in the hinterland of Blackpool. The highly contentious method of "fracking" is being used by Cuadrilla Resources to hopefully kick start the North West's economy - but at an unknown environmental cost. Today comes news that drilling has been suspended due to an earthquake. An earthquake that may have been the result of the fracking itself!

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henry said...

May well have been some link between the quake and the fracking process.
Remember reading some piece about increased rainfall being directly correlated to an increase in (european) earthquakes - all that water sloshing around the cracks and crevices of the faultlines deep down in the bowels of the earth like epsom salts on a constipated behemoth...