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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hard times just around the corner?

This is turning out to be the dryest spring since records began and the same conditions are being experienced across Northern Europe. This comes after last year's dry summer and poor harvest resulted in the cost of animal feed going through the roof and Russia putting a ban on grain exports. If the drought continues British farmers and growers are looking at the possibility of some very poor yields. The grass will start to die back at the time when it should be lush and green. A poor hay and silage crop will force up animal feed prices yet again. Vegetable growers are struggling to keep young plants alive let alone grow and a very significant drop in cereal yields can be expected.
None of these concerns have been given much attention by the mainstream media as yet but the implications for all of this are plain to see. Next winter, just as the effect of the public spending cuts are really starting to bite, we may well be faced with some pretty shocking supermarket bills. Utility costs are set to rise as well and a hard winter could mean a very tough time for pensioners,claimants and the low paid; the gulf between rich and poor could widen yet further. How we will all respond to this remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

But you are not accounting for that seed just planted in Katey Baby's tummy. A royal birth will wish all these horrid things away.

henry said...

You're right, apart from a few news items on gorse/heath fires, nothing reported at all.

Could all get very messy--->

"According to Barclays Capital, “Commodity assets under management rose to a record $412 billion in March, led by the biggest ever jump for agriculture products.” This has led to record prices for food commodities: the FAO’s food price index reached its highest point in history in February of this year."


Gitane said...

Round here they grow fuck all, almost all of the fields and farms are let to pony clubs or awaiting development (that won't happen). While we're all busy growing potatoes out of car tyres and turning lawns into veggie plots etc fat arsed farmers around here, who could be growing food on an industrial scale, are sat on piles of EU set aside cash. Meanwhile that whispering fat cunt Pickles (sorry about the language but he he is though isn't he) is looking to privatise allotments!
Maybe the urban demos and the attention payed to them is misplaced. With water and food struggles looming maybe we should be talking about "Sieze the land!" "occupy idle farms!" "collectivise and mutualise food production"; now where have I heard that before!