“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Monday, 20 October 2014

The rich, the rich. We wanna be one of the rich.

Apparently the recently reincarnated Rock Against The Rich has not been the runaway success with the yoof that the organisers had hoped for. One suggestion for the lack of enthusiasm has been a generational misunderstanding of modern popular culture and that the project should be re-named Rap Against The Rich. Senior Class War members are rumoured to be trashing all their old Bill Haley records and are asking about beatboxes in their local electrical goods stores.
Another possibility is that most young people do not in fact want to get rid of the rich. They want to join 'em not smash 'em.  They want to be rich themselves and will aspire to achieve this state of grace by means of art, football, drug dealing, corporate law or commodities trading depending on background and talent. Just saying like.


Dr Llareggub said...

Now this is not fair on so many youngsters. Maybe they just don't like the crappy old fashioned rock of granddad's day. Look around the country - there are youngster's engaged in thousands of activities, making good music, drama, and participating in the creative arts. But they are too smart and too busy to submit themselves to mindless propaganda and race baiting from the authoritarian anarchist left. I went down to the local market and saw a stall where youngsters were selling their toys. Why are you selling them?, I asked. They answered: 'the council are charging us over a thousand to hire the local theatre where we want to put on a show', they said. And they did raise the money, and did it without handouts.Old men in Class War, look at the future.

Anonymous said...

Only people who ever let me down were your glorious working class. When it came to bottle they fucked off so fast it was unbelievable. Dream on anarchists. the fucking workers are as shit as the bosses. That's the truth.