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Friday, 24 October 2014

How do you prefer your Eurosceptics?

As if things were not bad enough for Cameron, now comes the news that Britain must pay an extra £1.7 bn into EU coffers as a result of the Tory's much publicised economic recovery. Over at UKIP Towers they must be cracking open the champers, doing cartwheels down the corridors and generally creaming their knickers. No such jollifications across the the other side of town at NO2EU HQ I imagine. The left-wing faction of the Eurosceptic world may have sent a junior comrade round to the bakers for cream cakes but that will be as far as celebrations go. Lack of funds, and possibly a lack of joie de vevre, will see to that. So how do you prefer your Eurosceptics? Flag waving, foreigner bashing, swivel eyed loons, or worthy but dull with a nostalgia for the old workers paradises of the East? Tough call.

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Dr Llareggub said...

Cameron has little to worry about and he has a plan for dealing with UKIP and keeping the UK in the EU. Obviously he has the support of Labour and most of the left but a glance at the rise and fall of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in Australia is instructive. Like UKIP this party was anti immigration, protectionist and was right wing, populist, scoring highly in the polls, but Abbott set to work by hitting it with endless pieces of civil action and it collapsed . (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Nation_(Australia) ) Cameron is copying Abbott and has already appointed Lynton Crosby as an adviser, the man who destroyed One Nation's impact.

Nothing to fear from UKIP, as I mentioned before, the elections and the conventional parties will destroy it, without Class War and the Left having to apply their no platform stand up to UKIP policies. A Labour Government is in the cards.
Seriously - were the old Eastern regimes worthy and dull?