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Friday, 23 May 2014

Unlike puppies a councillor is not for life - thank fuck.

Early indications are that UKIP are making a real breakthrough in the local council elections making some inroads into the traditional northern Labour strongholds as well as in the areas were you might have expected them to do well. How many of these newly elected councillors will have the stomach for long hours of tedious meetings about the local issues that affect peoples lives but have absolutely nothing  to do with Europe or immigration or "foreigners" remains to be seen. What almost certainly will put the cat amongst the pigeons in local council chambers is today's report that the Tory heartland of the Home Counties is actually sitting over a vast reserve of shale gas. How will the Kippers respond to this? Little England Nimbyism will need to be weighed against fuel security in a possibly destabilised Europe that they want nothing to do with anyway. The problem of having to listen to foreign tongues on the train may soon pale into insignificance.

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Dr Llareggub said...

I have made it clear that I support fracking and once tried to put the case to the Bonists who shot me down as a neo-con shill, whatever that means. A bit of Marxism: production, viable energy supply, the class or social group who control it become dominant - as they did with coal and oil. If there is sufficient gas under Buckingham Palace it will be prudent to get it. How it effects UKIP, God knows. But on my argument the left (a term I have come to despise) should be seeing how they can get in with this potential, worker's control in some way. Independence from OPEC, the Saudis, no more Saudi financed leftish and green politicians and their media. Or is the predicted wealth and power going to go to the traditional upper classes? It seems likely, as the lefties, Class War anarchists and all, will play into their hands with implicit identification with the current order.No fracking, down with fossil fuel, as the BBC and media have instructed the left.(BBC pension fund is invested in renewables) My comment is off the cuff, but we need to put heads together on this issue.

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