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Friday, 2 May 2014

St Paul's. I blame the parents.

The paedophilia scandal that is set to engulf St Paul's School will no doubt come as a shock to those parents, the ink still wet on their cheques, who are about to send their little darlings to this supposedly noble institution. The British Public Schools are a law unto themselves being exempt from tax, Ofsted inspection and the wilder aspirations of Gove The Alien. The snobbish creeps who send their offspring to these schools do so in order to secure for them a place at a "good" university, ensure that they talk posh and , most important, make friends with the right sort of people. But there is a price to pay for this and it's paid by some unfortunate children who fall prey to the staff perverts. I blame the parents. If you want to keep your kids away from paedophiles don't encourage them to associate with Catholic priests and the same thing applies to Public Schools.
Our esteemed Chancellor Gideon Osborn is a St Paul's old boy. I wonder if he will be called upon to give evidence at any stage?


Dr Llareggub said...

I am surprised the parents sending their kids to posh public schools are surprised to learn of abuse and sexual predation. For generations, fathers who had their bare arses flogged, suffered humiliation in the dorms, and all, have gladly sent their sons for more of the same to toughen them up, make them future leaders. Make men of them. But what concerns me is the silence on the left over the sexual assaults on 'vulnerable' working class kids who go to shitty schools in places like Rochdale where Labour run councils and social workers consider community cohesion more important than abused kids.

Anonymous said...

Whoa another one way off the mark mate. You dont need to go to a public school to suffer abuse. Your E grade in o level politics is starting to show again. Stick to what you do best and leave politics to the good doctor.

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