“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Friday, 16 May 2014

UKIP immigration own goal.

It's so difficult running a political party that has an anti-immigration stance as a main plank of it's policy. For one thing everyone to the left of the right-wing of the Conservative Party will be queueing up to accuse you of being Fascist, generally it must be said without much idea of what Fascist politics actually are. No matter, mud sticks and appealing to the less generous side of our nature is always going to be problematic in the long run. Such are the trials and tribulations of Nigel Farage and his UKIP comrades. A few weeks ago Farage was revelling in the media attention but as the EU Election approaches there are signs that he may be beginning to unravel just a little bit. The last thing that the Kippers need now is an illegal migrant scandal in the party. Oh bugger! Curry entrepreneur and top UKIP candidate Amjad Bashire has only gone and employed dozens of illegals at his Manchester curry house. Get a grip Amjad for fucks sake.

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Dr Llareggub said...

I thought it marked the decline of Class War and Bonism to see them holding their UKIP are racist/fascists posters in front of the BBC cameras. Hopefully, they will have received a donation for parroting slogans the BBC, Guardian, Mail, Sun and all have been promoting. In another post you mentioned the Situationists and the problem of recuperation. Well, we cannot say that Class War have been recuperated; they are so far up the BBC's arse that they cannot see their way to formulate a standpoint remotely relevant or original. I loved the photo of the anti UKIP class warrior holding a 'UKIP are racists' poster over the head of a black member of UKIP. Class War, like the mainstream media, cannot see that ordinary working people are not supporting UKIP because they have been bamboozled or that UKIP have not been censored enough. People are sticking their fingers up at the media and mindless old irrelevant farts like Class War.