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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A tragedy used to target claimants.

I refuse to take a mawkish interest in tragic child deaths. I also refuse to watch the Jeremy Kyle Show or Ann Widdecomb's version of reality TV so to a large extent I have been spared the unsavoury media career of Mick Philpot. I also refuse to read the Daily Mail ( my dad, as any good father should, told me that they supported Hitler) but I could not escape the Mail's headline today. The whole terrible saga of the Philpot kids is apparently all down to the benefit system. These days racism has rightly become such a toxic viewpoint that even those who are politically just to the right of the Klu Klux Klan feel the need to prefix every utterance with an assurance that they are "not racist". But white benefit claimants are fair game. The truth is that this island is infested with a hard core of nasty parasitical scum - and a good proportion of them are journalists.

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Dr Llareggub said...

Like you I have missed the programmes on Philpott and only picked up on the debate on it between Labour and Tory recently. Need to be careful here. The Tory assault on benefits is one issue. Labour are not really in a position to pose as the defenders of welfare. But injustices mentioned by the tabloids touch on a fact which though unpleasant has to be faced. Whatever the government welfare payments are not easy to come by and over the years when I have fell on hard times I got humiliation, bullying, and bloody discrimination.So have many others. And whatever the system, there were bastards who knew how to swing it. And ordinary Joe saw it and hated the bureaucrats who ran this unfair system.And Philpott is one of those bastards who knew all the angles. So people are not rushing forward to defend the system against the Tories because it is seen as an unfair system. And that is, perhaps, why the left are not going to win this argument. And believe me, the argument that the stupid working class are being led on by the clever Tories in the tabloids who divide and rule them is a bit of Leninist nonsense which treats ordinary working people as thick stooges. People are aware of Tory objectives to cut welfare; they are also aware that the system is rotten.