“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

UKIP youth leader too libertarian for his own good.

All political parties find the youth wing a pain in the arse at times. It's just that young people have not yet had principle beaten out of them, have a tendency to take things at face value and generally fail to grasp the reality of party politics. The kids wear their hearts on their sleeves - and hearts can be broken. How gratifying to see that UKIP is no different to other parties in this respect. The scourge of Brussels has had to relieve youth wing leader Olly Neville of his duties for a breach of party discipline and calling for churches to be forced to sanctify marriage between consenting necrophiliacs.
Funny old crowd UKIP.


Dr Llarregub said...

God, I hate that anachronistic term 'bestiality' which I have argued should be replaced with 'animal abuse' thus bringing it closer to child abuse for case law. However, sex with animals is legal in many countries and the most favoured species is the chicken. It is hard to prohibit penetrative sex between an animal and a woman on welfare grounds which is why the EU are considering other criteria.In the UK sex with dead animals is legal, but the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act (2010) made it illegal to post images on the internet. So you can have one last bash with the cat before cremation but don't upload it on You Tube. Necrophilia with former wives is being advocated by Iranian mullahs, but I am aware that criticism of that would be waycist.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say something about flogging a dead horse here but I won't.

Gitanex said...

Kip is a Dutch word for chicken. A Kippen Knoker is chicken fucker.As the good doc has reminded us the chicken is the most favoured animal for a human (male I presume) to have sex with.
Therefore as any conspiracy theorist will postulate the name UKIP harbours suspicious intent.U Kip means "you chicken" (that are about to get fucked) or "you chicken" that will have a baby everyday that I will eat with soldiers for breakfast, or even "you chicken" will be chopped up and fried Etc Etc. All of which describes Little England outside of the EU "a german's breakfast", "fucked" and "you're fried".