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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today Prog call for Eton to be turned into children's home.

Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz was interviewed on the Today program this morning on the subject of the shocking vulnerability of kids in the privately run children's homes that local authorities use to house youngsters in. The interview covered the kind of ground that you might expect. Why are there over 40 of these homes in Rochdale but none in Kensington? Was it all about the pursuit of profit and was this yet another area of society ripe for a full scale investigation and a lengthy report that few will read? So far, so predictable,  and then whoever was conducting the interview dropped a bombshell. Was there not already in place a lot of privately run children's homes with charitable status and all the tax breaks that go with it and located in some of the nicest locations in the land? There was not quite a call for Public Schools to be used to house the vulnerable and disadvantaged - but it was pretty close.


Anonymous said...

i heard that radio programme.i was totally shochked to hear there were forty in rochdale.it seems that like the privatisation of old folks homes.childrens homes are atracting the same type of vulture,s as they have.execess profit means low wages abuse and exploitation.

INCUBUS said...

- there is an entire literature across the net that alledges a nation-wide abuse network of local dignitaries, businessmen and freemasons, feeding on the cildren in these homes (nevermind the institutional abuse they receive) and there's also one that relates to a similar paedophile ring amongst the European elite and political class. Might explain why these homes are put in such godforsaken places...

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