“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cable tells it like it (almost) is.

Vince Cable is my local MP and although we probably have very little in common politically, I can't help having a grudging respect for the man. Say what you like about our Vince but there is an air of decency and honesty about the Business Secretary that makes you wonder how on earth he manages to survive amongst his fellow cabinet members. In his evaluation of the banking scandal Cable is talking more sense than we have been used to from politicians of late and he is right to point out that the last thing we need is an "inquiry" into banking - we know what's wrong but lack the will to do something about it. What Cable is not able to do is bring himself to admit that the whole rotten structure of modern capitalism is the problem. When the engine room of the system is powered by naked greed we should hardly expect the engineers to behave in a way that serves the best interests of anyone but themselves.
Vince Cable is a decent man but like so many people he finds it easier to contemplate the collapse of an ecosystem than the demise of capitalism. So near and yet so very far.


Gitane said...

Dunno about Vince, middle class apologist? Do miss Ian Bone though!

Anonymous said...

Vince sold out.Before the election he was all for sorting out the banks. He could have left the craven libdems and stayed on as an independent - when it comes to naked capitalism he's closer to Austin Mitchell, Micheal Meacher, Caroline Lucas and a few others. Has he been promised a place in the Lords if he behaves and doesn't rock the libdem boat?

We all miss Mr Bone.