“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Friday, 26 August 2011

Garden City project anyone?

In an already fractured nation a new dichotomy has appeared in the land. It seems that we are now divided into two distinct groups; looters and those who analyse looting. Of these two groups the analysts are by far the larger and before they are finished may cost a lot more and do far more damage. Stand by for a raft of Back To Work initiatives, "greening" projects, problem family interventions and actions to reverse disaffection. A whole new parallel world of think tanks, committees and task forces is taking shape before our very eyes. That of course is the real division in society - the one between those that "do" and those that have things done to them. The real project remains the cranking up of desire for commodities while hiding the reality that these baubles are there for the taking. It's the same old con but one that is going to get ever harder to pull off.

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Gitane said...

Having some experience in this back to work, motivation etc bollocks be assured comrades that these agencies are nothing but a refuge for the failed and unqualified middle classes. These middle class tossers believe they have been given the right of management because they're middle class; having the "yes sir" attitude is how the whole system works. Fear of questioning the results of tick box bollocks ensures their mortgage is assured. The whole set of statistics and results stands on a bedrock of lies consistently maintained by fear and self interest. As soon as you question their fabricated assumptions you become "difficult" not "understanding the complexity" of what is a fucking simple principle that if brain's were dynamite you idiots wouldn't have enough to blow your nose.