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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Brooks' laptop story just won't lie down.

When not hanging out at her Cotswolds retreat (what must it be like to live on the Chipping Norton council estate and be constantly hearing how the place is entirely populated by the rich elite?) Rebekah Brooks lives in Chelsea Harbour. It was in the underground car park of this exclusive development that a laptop and paperwork belonging to Brooks was mysteriously discovered hidden in a black bin liner. At first Brooks tried to claim back the property but the security jobsworths involved were having none of it and insisted on calling the cops, at which point the Ginger One decided that the stuff did not belong to her after all. How very strange. Little has been heard about this laptop since it's discovery on the 18th of July so it's good to see that The Independent are keeping the story live.


Jemmy Hope said...

So she tried to obtain something which she later claimed didn't belong to her. False representation for the purpose of theft. Imagine us proles walking away from that.

Gitane said...

There is a "council estate" in Chippy and they're doing very well ta very much. There are also the rural poor that have all of the characteristics of "Tobacco Road" culture. Matured crusties, travellers and off the radar NFU spice technicians satellite the town.The middle class in their perverse sense of respectability sell dodgy, "stressed" and "authentic" antiques to minted tourists in every dive and corner.
No surprise then that the fools on the hill are what they are and where they are. Blue sky boobies , ginger weirdos , polo groupies and hooray henrys would wrap up the whole environment nicely.
However there is a council estate in chippy the only decent people among a shower of gold leafed shit! Power to them comrades!

henry said...

Well spotted. Kept niggling at the back of my mind too. Fingers crossed it's got some nasty data that even Rebekakakah's PR won't be able to handle.