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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Jimmy Savile and the MI5 link.

This week we learnt that Jihadi John is one Mohammed Emwazi a mild mannered computer science graduate from West London. If campaigning group CAGE are to be believed the kind and gentle Emwazi was so freaked out by MI5's efforts to recruit him as an agent that he enlisted with ISIS and started beheading journalists and aid workers. Sounds unlikely but you never can tell with the secret state. We also learnt, thanks to the independent report for the NHS and Department of Health, yet more harrowing details of the extent of Jimmy Savile's sexual predation at Leeds General and Stoke Mandeville. I was just wondering. Wouldn't a slightly odd DJ and TV personality who wormed his way into the higher echelons of British society and became a close friend of Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher to name but two, wouldn't such a person have needed security clearance? If MI5 knew all about the identity of Jihadi John from day one they probably knew all about the the serial sex offending of the nation's favourite do gooder. Somewhere in the bowels of Thames House there must be a file on Jimmy Savile and I suspect that the bowels of Thames House is where it's going to stay.

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Dr Llareggub said...

One cannot help thinking that Smiley's people used Saville to trap a few perverted bigwigs who were then obliged to cooperate with the centre. Otherwise we cannot explain why a repulsive and talentless pervert would last so long at the top end of UK entertainment. Their role in radicalising the gentle beheader seems more complex. I suspect arrangements are underway to bring him back to Blighty, rather than be caught and waterboarded by the yanks. Hence all the guff about him being a nice lad really, who will one day return, serve some time and work in yoof clubs to save other youngsters from being radicalised.