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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Inside The House of Fun.

The BBC's new reality sitcom Inside The Commons could turn out to be a smash hit rival to Strictly, Britain's Got Talent and the rest. The first episode was a hoot. The countrie's largest Victorian Mock-Gothic horror housing the nations biggest collection of ego driven petty (and not so petty) crooks. Pseudo medieval pageantry and Hollywood Arthurian protocol. A handful of "good people" struggle to make sense of it all and at least have a try at  honestly representing their constituents. And on top of it all this monstrous edifice of a building is falling down around their ears.
Did you spot Nicholas Soames in his skull and crossbones braces? I had no idea that "Fatty" Soames was a Class War supporter, but then, I only recently discovered that Beyonce is a member of the Illuminati. Another thing. Somewhere hidden in the middle of the Victorian monstrosity that is the Palace of Westminster is the original Westminster Hall. But where? I hope that we get to see it in future episodes. Anyway, I wonder if I might make a suggestion. Why not flog off the building to the Chinese  who would turn it into a hotel complex and theme park? A new building on Millbank could incorporate MP accommodation and thus save a fortune on bent expenses.  In the meantime, as the general Election looms, enjoy one of the best bits of comedy on the box.

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Dr Llareggub said...

I do enjoy eating in the House of Commons and was told by one of the staff there that it is the largest restaurant in London. The food is good, and one Tory Lord I frequently eat with enjoys bangers and mash. I usually have burger and chips. I have not seen the programme you mention but would make this observation. Whilst I enjoy taking the piss out of MPs, I am aware of some who put in 12 hours a day, although not in the stupid chamber. An example: Class War have been supporting the Hunt Saboteurs after a punch up with hunters. Well, that is what Class War is about - combatting the rich. But interestingly was the attempt to portray this as a defence of the foxes. Bollocks, because the foxes enjoy the defence of many hard working Tories and Lords who will never allow Cameron to re-instate this barbaric practice. Fight the class war, but do it honestly. You don't need the morons with balaclavas to save foxes, keep the anger for the class war. I am quite happy to cooperate with Tories and others in the House for animal welfare. But the line is drawn over the confrontation between classes.