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Thursday, 13 February 2014

University fears spaghetti monster may offend the faithful.

Humanism can be a bit worthy and po-faced at times so it's good to see some light hearted baiting of the god-botherers. Less amused are the apparatchiks at SouthBank University who have banned this poster by the uni Atheist Society. These days universities seem incredibly concerned about causing offence to followers of any crackpot medieval superstition and the authorities in every second rate college of knowledge consider themselves to be arbiters of taste. Is this in any way connected to the huge sums of money that universities make from foreign students not to mention the endowments from rich but religious parts of the world? Perhaps these academic bureaucrats should have a re-read of their old course notes on The Enlightenment. But what do I know?


Dr Llareggub said...
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Dr Llareggub said...

Please can you remove the article something went wrong and it has duplicated. Thanks. Here is a proper version. Apologies.

A coincidence you should post this picture. Some time ago I wrote the leading textbook on brainstem death. It was translated into Portuguese when I was working in Brasil, combating serious crimes by organ traffickers. I needed to establish a vivid image of the brain, with religious symbolism. I used the picture in your article on the book's cover. Look closely at the connecting lines which resemble the human brain. This was so popular in Brasil that I could have started my own religion. But my book and public appearances drew attention to the exploitation of children in the falevas, and caused some change. I suppose I could have distributed a poster saying Capitalist Wankers - that would have had an impact, just like an English college boy. Seriously, look at the picture - Mr Angelo knew something about brains. Sometimes science and religion can be reconciled. Keep up the good work.


Dr Llareggub said...

Hope someone else comments. The university acted wisely in removing this - probably took legal advice. Understand the equality legislation that lefties have supported. If it gives offence, then one can prosecute. Feeling offence is subjective, not like being libelled, which is objectively determined. And it is no defence to argue that your comments deemed offensive are true. It is one thing to march up and down defending minorities,but in doing so the left have uncritically allowed this abomination into equality and diversity legislation. And the so called Class War people have repeatedly censored my comments on this intrusion into free expression. I have just signed the petition to oppose something similar being adopted by the UN, not that it will help in the face of such left wing stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This probably has more to do with receiving funding from Saudi Arabia than some imagined left-wing political correctness issue.

Dr Llareggub said...

Anonymous, I believe you might be right. Just how many left/anarchist outfits are quietly receiving money from the Saudis. Indirectly of course. It is not just the university big shots you know; it includes the radical left too.