“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Thursday, 3 May 2012

2012. All circuses and no bread.

I don't know if David Cameron wakes up in the early hours, stares at the ceiling and wonders how it ever came to this. I suspect that the old public school conditioned feelings of entitlement and worth keep him immune from such moments of self-doubt. For the rest of us it's obvious that the posh boys are presiding over a bugger's muddle of the first water. The whole double dip pasty taxing Murdoch fuelled fiasco can only run on if the LibDems hold their nerve, and who knows for how much longer the lead in their pencil will endure. Bread and circuses are the order of the day but with the cuts meaning a continuing erosion of living standards it looks as though it could be down to circuses alone. Just how effective will those circuses be in placating the mob?  During my lifetime I have endured every kind of royal occasion from the coronation to endless weddings and a few funerals;  and they all seem to get the national juices flowing in a very undignified way. I can see no reason why the jubilee will prove to be any different. How much of a diversion the Olympics can create will be largely down to our medal haul. The travel chaos and the security clamp down could all be forgiven if British athletes do well. If on the other hand the games turn out to be another monumental cock-up and if the LibDems bottle it we could be due for yet another circus - the 2012 General Election.  But cometh the hour cometh the man. Enter Roy Hodgson stage right.

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henry said...

You're right, as usual... you could add (pass the sick bag) a Boris win, replacement of Mervyn King @Bank of Ingerland, a messy Lib/Con falling out, numerous (Obama-style) Osama-had-Liz2's-in-his-bedside-cabinet-and-wanted-to-murder/marry-her stuff.

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