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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hard lessons and home truths for Haye.

David Haye's defeat at the hands of Wladimir Klitscho last night confirmed a number of boxing home truths. "A good big'un will always beat a good little'un", is one that springs to mind as does the fact that fights can be won by just working behind a really solid, hurtful jab. But boxing pundits will surely also pick up on the difference between Haye and Klitscho's handlers. The Ukrainian champion had Emanual Steward in his corner and Steward comes from that tradition of hugely knowledgeable trainers that includes such hallowed names as Charlie Goldman, Whitey Bimstein, Eddie Futch and Angelo Dundee. Haye on the other hand seems to prefer being surrounded by the modern world of personal trainers, nutritionists and university graduates. It's the difference between business school and the school of hard knocks. In some fields of endeavour, and boxing is one of them, old ways are best ways.

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Gitane said...

Quite so Ray! Interesting that martial arts practitioners still admire, respect and measure their skills by the standards of the "ancients".