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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Scientists say .......

As is well known , it is one of the objects of this blog to keep you completely up to date regarding the leading edge of scientific research and once again we are on the case big time. Hard on the heels of the recent findings suggesting that a half decent cup of tea is just as good for re-hydration as water (and in some parts of London, cheaper) comes news that caffeine is the dog's when it comes to preventing Alzheimer's. (Independent Monday 6th, must be true)  Apparently, to have the desired effect you will need to be drinking two strong cups of coffee a day or fourteen cups of tea.
So there you have it. I normally consume two strong cups of coffee and fourteen cups of Rosie a day so whatever the reason for the senile drivel posted here, it's clearly not caffeine deficiency.

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mike said...

love your view on things,do you think that if i stick to coffee twice a day and drink beer instead of the required cups of tea i will avoid the dreaded Alzhiemers .
I was talking to Dr Bob who is currently reviewing the N H S tests for Alzhiemers ,the current test includes a queston which asks the person to name six animals whos'name begin with S ,not to include fish or reptiles.Best to check to get your answers ready before they come for you.