“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Amjad Bashire. Home at last.

Less than a hundred days to go before what could turn out to be the dirtiest General Election in years and the parties are manoeuvring to outflank each other by recruiting each others members. But it can all go terribly wrong and overburdened A&E departments end up with shed loads bullet wounds to the feet to deal with. Take the Tories and their latest UKIP "prize" the odious curry house mogul Amjad Bashire. One moment Cameron is lambasting the likes of Bashir for being "swivel eyed loons" and the next all is forgiven and it's welcome to the party. But the Bashires of this world  come with some baggage. Have a look at the man's views on the minimum wage, maternity leave, sick pay and such like impediments to a thriving economy.


Dr Llareggub said...

Ho ho. Poor old Bin to Eton Dave. On social issues the most left wing PM for decades. He has tried so hard to recruit muslims from the left, even saying that he does not like to open his door and see white Christian faces. And then he ends up with Bashire, via Respect and UKIP. Trouble is - all the parties are desperate for the muslim votes and screening of potential members has been abandoned. If Bashire has not been to Oxbridge there might be a place for him in Class War.

Gitanex said...

Hilarious turn of events. Peter (as he likes to be called, there's an identity crisis right there) is a typical neo con loonie, so either Tory/Ukip suit fits. Amazed that Respect had anything to do with him.
Due to intense patronage in Muslim cultures, where one male vote may multiply by the numbers of voters in a household and a mosque can therefore influence thousands of voters indirectly, an influential muslim can be worth many thousands of votes.
The politics of Bashire may be suspect but his influence is what they're after.
Hello Bashire welcome, now fuck off.