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Friday, 19 September 2014

All over bar the shouting?

With a massive 80% to 90% turn out and a convincing 45% - 55% margin, the good folk of Scotland have, for the time being at least, rejected the idea of an independent state. Political pundits will now spend many hours casting bones and poring over entrails. It's what they do.
A few early morning thoughts: Does the YES vote in Glasgow and Dundee indicate a class split or something else? Is there a rural - city split?
Will all that political energy and involvement shown over the past weeks now just dissipate or remain as  a driving force behind a new grass roots movement?
Will things ever be the same again, not just for Scotland but for the UK as a whole?
Capital hates uncertainty. The  markets were twitchy but have settled down now. The pound is stronger. The project now will be a return to the status quo ASAP. All those pre-referendum NO dependant promises - just watch the back peddling start in the next few hours.

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Dr Llareggub said...

Some important questions Ray. A victory for the Establishment when it seemed they had their backs to the wall.The media, celebrities, politicians united. This will happen with UKIP and the left won't have to produce arguments to defeat them at the election. So called far left and far right extremes will threaten, as did the YES supporters, but it will take a lot of head work to dent the political classes.