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Friday, 13 June 2014

Normal for Norfolk again.

We will be viewing England's debut World Cup Game in the north Norfolk seaside town of Sheringham.  Nothing fancy. A couple of  nights at the Two Lifeboats Inn, crab sandwiches, a pint or three of Woodford's excellent Wherry Bitter, long walk on the coastal path. The first time that I received the hospitality of the Two Lifeboats was during a film job that was on in the locality but we returned a couple of years ago and I was pleased to see that the same cheerful scruffiness had endured. No breakfast but there was a good cafe up the road. I fear that times, and the Two Lifeboats, have changed. Now they offer  "Boutique Bed and Breakfast", whatever that is. I just hope that the lady who runs the shellfish stall across the road hasn't decided to go upmarket as well.
Some of the regulars in the Two Lifeboats pre - boutique B&B.

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sis snot said...

ben wiv me nan to wells the other week n they got a sale ship witch has a bar. i neerly fell in the see wen i got off hammered one day :)nan gave me a rite bolokin