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Monday, 17 March 2014

Facing climate change down the plot.

It's seems almost certain that the so called "enhanced greenhouse effect" is leading to the warming of our planet. Climate scientists are a lot less certain about how this will impact on different parts of the globe but we are told that an increase in extreme weather events is one of the most likely outcomes. As an amateur veg grower I find myself facing the same challenges that confront the worlds farmers, but on a minuscule scale and without the added incentive of being responsible for feeding millions. Here in the South Eastern part of UK we are now recovering from the wettest winter on record and growers are revelling in the past week of warm dry weather and getting down to some early sowing. A wet,  cold April would soon put paid to all of our plans but a cold dry spring could be even more of a problem. Dealing with all the many trials and tribulations of producing a bit of home-grown veg down the allotment is sometimes a pain but usually a pleasure. Who knows what kind of a growing season we have ahead of us. Best get off this keyboard, get down there and crack on I reckon.


Dr Llareggub said...

I suggest you keep a low profile regarding your activities in your allotment. Politicians inspired by warmist theories are very likely to either prohibit or tax your produce.
On the other hand, as with our local authority who have won awards for their fight against climate change, they will sell the allotments to developers. Got to reinvigorate the economy eh.

Not really important, but I don't buy the man made climate change theory - science should drive politics not the other way. But I am sure my view is racist.

Dr Llareggub said...

I cannot let a discussion of climate change pass without some mention of the Class War dummies whose policy for the legalisation of Pot appears to conflict with greeny attempts to save the planet. Pot growing is harmful to the planet. Vote against Class War, Vote er um Green? GreenPeace to send a division to deal with pot growers eh.
PS. Not grown on allotments, surely.

See link


gitane said...

Hi Doc,
You really are a bitter and twisted old buggar. As any fool know you can grow adequately good colly on your allotment with no assistance from technology, but you're not allowed to. Sometimes I wonder about your mental health.