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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Who will save me from this troublesome Secretary Of State For Work And Pensions?

People can't necessarily help being stupid. They can be irritating for sure , but it's probably not their fault. So Ian Duncan Smith could be forgiven for his obvious stupidity were it not for his spite and malevolence. Mind you, he's not so stupid that he can't tap into a vein of national prejudice against university graduates when it suits his purposes. When an unemployed geology graduate declines to do unpaid work at Poundland but prefers to continue with voluntary work in a museum IDS portrays her reluctance to play ball as snobbishness and bangs on about graduates thinking that they are too good for shelf filling. Army Officer, weapons salesman and professional politician is the sum total of the IDS work experience - no mention of shelf filling on his CV at all.
I'm all in favour of the feckless, idle and over privileged sections of society being forced into unpaid labour down the local Poundland but I just think that we should start with the Tory front bench. Never mind about the undeserving poor, it's the undeserving rich that worry me.

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Gitane said...

Some years ago I witnessed the justice of the "Dog Shit Shampoo".
A mate of mine had split from his wife, moved to Spain and started a new life.
His ex wife had began a new relationship and told tales about her ex that were completely untrue yet were pallatable to those who disliked him. For some time, in his absence and unable to defend himself, he was the subject of a whole series of lies and innuendo that had left his reputation in tatters in the community he grew up in.
After many letters and phone calls from his family and friends that were of the "is it true you....", "she reckons you went with so and so...", " you beat her up..." etc etc he decided to come back from Spain and put an end to all the rumours.
We arranged to meet in a local pub the day after he got back and I was surprised to see his ex in the same pub waiting for him with her new fella.
He walked into the pub pulled out a plastic bag full of dog shit and started to rub it in the hair of his ex shouting "This is for all the lies you've been telling about me, now wash the fucking lies out of this and start telling the truth"; well no-one with any sense went near him because of the stink and mayhem.
His ex was screaming "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I wanted you to get back with me!"
IDS is due for a Dog Shit Shampoo.

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