“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Thursday, 20 December 2012

ACAB - Well, almost.

Clearly not all coppers are bastards. We have all met the odd decent copper and I'm prepared to accept that some misguided folk really do join the force in the belief that they can make a positive contribution to society and "help people".  How long such good intentions survive police canteen culture is another matter. For as long as I can remember elite units have been run as little empires, corrupt, self serving and confident that if push comes to shove they really can get away with murder. Just at the moment the Met appear to be  in a world of shit. Plebgate, Plebgate Gate, half the stations in London due to close, talk of conspiracy fills the air and the Federation may implode any day now, why even the Inspector Gadget Blog is deleting contentious posts as if they where going out of fashion. Were will it all end?  My money would go on a public enquiry into policing followed by a lot of fine words and business as usual. The police will close ranks for sure because bastards or not,  coppers have a sense of solidarity that puts the rest of us to shame.


Jemmy Hope said...

Private police forces are the future. That's what all the demoralisation, and the undermining of trust (for the more naive who retained trust)is about. What was done to the dockers and to the miners, with the enthusiastic participation of the muskers is now going to come down on their heads. When the change comes we proles at the bottom of the heap won't notice much difference.

Dr Llarregub said...

I too think that there are some good coppers. As a sport I sometimes engage in working trials with dogs - the civilian equivalent of police and army work.Lots of coppers participate and often play the role of criminals which we send our dogs to attack. But I had a pleb-style altercation some time ago with a WPC. I normally enter the House of Lords via Black Rod's entrance which means I don't have to rub shoulders in the queue with the plebs. As I was taking a short cut through the building an officer approached me saying words that infuriate me. She said 'Can I help you?' in a tone that pissed me off. So I told her not to say that as it usually means 'Piss off pleb'.And I pointed out that what she really meant was 'You cannot go down that corridor'. She agreed, and we ended up laughing. You see, I am not a Tory Minister.