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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Who fixed it for Jim?

What have Margaret Thatcher's inner circle, the Vatican, the higher echelons of the BBC and the Murdoch tabloids got in common? It's beginning to look very likely that all were complicit in a huge establishment cover up of Sir Jimmy Savile's proclivity for sex with the young and vulnerable. Meanwhile everyone and their dog are proclaiming that they couldn't stand the man and always knew there was something dodgy about him.
PS. In case you're wondering what the Vatican has to do with the scandal. The Pope bestowed one of the highest Papal honours (Grand Knight Of The Order Of St Gregory) on Savile about the time that Thatcher was "Fixing It For Jim" knighthood wise. Only thing missing is a nice bit of Freemasonry. This could run for some time.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the royal connection that the press is playing down. How did he get that knighthood when potential recipients are supposed to be vetted for any likely criminal activities that might surface at a later date. Savile was always confident that he was fireproof, and it's interesting that, although the stories about his proclivities had been circulating for years (decades?) no serious investigation took place during his lifetetime, when he could have grassed up fellow perves. In fact, we now know that allegations against him were suppressed by those in authority.