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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Morrissey should get a life before it's too late.

You can't really expect someone who has forged a career out of writing and performing gut wrenching dirges about unrequited love and vegetarianism to be that big on sporting achievment but Morrissey's Olympic put-down will doubtless ring all the right bells amongst the skinny jeans and asemetrical haitcutt inhabitants of Planet Hoxton. I share the singers dislike of nationalism and have even gone as far as calling for a medal table based along class line rather than nationality. Not, mind you,  that this brainwave of mine has been met with anything but groans and a call to shut up and stop being so boring.
Look, lets be honest here. East London will probably end up with fewer sporting facilities than it started out with. The bill for all of this will be astronomical and in the months ahead we will have a seemingly never ending stream of revelations about financial wrongdoings.  And make no mistake, all of this is wrong - totaly wrong. But last night I had a wonderfull evening at the greco-roman wrestling. We ended up sitting in the block of seats that I think by rights are supposed to be for the "Olympic Family" and in our case this meant us sitting with members of the international wrestling fraternity. This was an added bonus and we were able to see at first hand the strong bonds of friendship between athletes from countries that have what you might call difficult histories; Poland and Russia for example. The wrestling was brilliant and so was the atmosphere. This is what people have been getting off on Morressey. Now fuck off and cook your lentils.


Gitane said...

He does possess an enormous pair of bollocks. Maybe that's where he 's stashed his brains.
Great band though.

Journeyman said...

This is the same Morrissey who only few years ago was saying that immigration had eroded 'British identity' ? Oh the irony.

WDI said...

I concur, Journeyman.
This is the same wretched dolt who has flirted with nationalism and racism and revelled in deliberate ambiguity for years.
I may agree with his sentiments- I had to to put up with an entire village of idiots waving plastic union jacks at gaudy buses advertising mobile telephones and teeth-rotting carbonated refreshments whilst the torch and carrier were ferried to the end of the High street and picked up again at the other- but he's the last person I'd listen too on matters of 'blustering jingoism'. The man's an absolute tool, for Gods sake. And for the record, The Smiths were dreadful.

Gitane said...

Johnny Marr dreadful? From a dandy perspective I can understand that the Smith's could never reach the intellectual heights of the Temperance Seven but not everyone is influenced by the ramblings of their barber or tailor.
Our particular village idiot was wearing Grinch motif plus fours up to his knees, brogues, a tartan waiscoat, a Lib Dem Rosette and waving two plastic bags from Waitrose. He stood out as the most respectable idiot we could muster. The rest, warbling their Hurrahs and waving plastic Union Jacks purchased from Lidl and made in China were just idiots.
A spat anyone?
One cannot but admire a well dressed idiot.

Anonymous said...

Quite why we expect our popular entertainers to come out with fully formed political programs totally escapes me. My newsagent doesn't like Tories. I don't analyse his perspective, or look for evidence of discrepancies or hypocrisy - I accept his viewpoint. Morrissey has expressed disgust at the phoney patriotism whipped up by the Olympics. That is his right. The fact that you or I spent our teenage years listening to The Smiths or Crass or whoever does not mean we somehow possess them. You may have bought the album, the concert ticket and the t shirt but that is all you bought.

WDI said...

Once again the subtleties of your dadaist prose elude me, Gitane. Am I correct in surmising that you are on the verge of tears because I don't like your favourite pop group?

Anonymous said...

Aaah WDI... I have managed to create a spat with and for a dandy. That is dadaism well spotted. Unfortunately The Smith's are not even in my top 100 and I am unlikely to shed any tears for a nob end like Morrisey. I enjoy your acidic posturing and prose too.
As to what to wear come the revolution my opinion is that you come as you are.Unless you're Morrisey and my response would be that we don't want your type around here thank you.

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