“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Friday, 3 February 2012

Why it's kicking off - and will the paras help?

Last night saw the launch of Paul Mason's Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere at the QE Hall on the Southbank. Paul debated the implications of the title with Ewa Jasiewicz, Costas Lapavistsas and Mark Fisher. It was an interesting enough evening, Jasiewicz was a real breath of fresh air and there where plenty to think about as we left the hall. But, Oh! I don't know. I just get this edgy feeling when surrounded by left-wing intellectuals sipping Chablis and discussing the likelihood of world revolution. One thing's for sure, the much talked of international proletariat were conspicuous by their absence and at ten quid a ticket and one of the most expensive bars in town it's not surprising. But it was a good evening and I'm glad that I went. One thing that came across loud and clear from all concerned last night was that regardless of the importance or otherwise of information technology, our futures will be decided on the streets. If you doubt that you can rest assured that your doubts are not shared by the state and today brings news that 3 Para are undertaking special training to deal with civil unrest. Kicking off? We ain't seen nothing yet.


Gitane said...

Where are the Dundees in revolutionary battles? The person that would tell you "you can win this" and wave the towel in your face in order to revive your flagging resolve. The cornerman or woman that would put ice cubes down your crutch so that you would focus on your enemy and not worry about failure. Someone who would interfere with your equipment to delay the fight until you were ready for the next round. Someone who could offer sweet and informed advice that you could trust? The establishment has its spin doctors ; revolutionaries need Angelo Dundees. Bring on the cornermen.

Jemmy Hope said...

Cometh the hour, Gitane, let's hope cometh the man or woman.
Ewa Jasiewicz, class warrior par excellence.
Paul Mason - how does he survive among the Conservative Party card-carrying toffs at the BBC? Can his luck last out?

henry said...

Tickets & tipples aside, seemed like a good event. Ewa Jasiewicz? Total inspiration! And, yeah, Paul Mason I watch and I too wonder how he manages to survive among some of his sneerer colleagues and some the patronising biz types he interviews...
Gitane, that's a great image/meme/trope/metaphor/doodah (?!?) and I agree, where are they? Where are the corner(wo)men, the seconds, the trainers with the buckets of ice & glove splitters?