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Monday, 9 January 2012

TIME recognises the worth of TBODWE. Sort of.

I sometimes feel that I am not always accorded the respect and recognition that I deserve. It's a common complaint but self-pity is not an admirable trait and it's a case of shaping up or shipping out round here so I shove such thoughts to the back of my mind, brace up and soldier on regardless. You can see where this is leading can't you? A letter arrived in this morning's post.
"Dear Mr Hulm," it began, "I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected as someone whose status qualifies for a privilege price on TIME, one of the world's most respected and influential magazines." It's also pretty right-wing as well as being shallow and mind numbingly boring but who am I to reject overtures from any quarter. Anyone got any old Readers Digests they don't want?

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henry said...

It'll be invitations to "The Exclusive Tootal Cravat Collection" next, or worse, "A Sustaining Friend of the Liberal Democrats".

I see a chance to carry the Olympic Torch, sponsorship of a Home Office SPAD (they write you a letter every recess) and then an OBE with your name on it - it's all upward social mobility once you get that first copy tucked under your arm.