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Monday, 26 September 2011

Never work with kids or animals Ed.

Is it just me or do party conference child prodigies give everyone the creeps? I'm sure that Rory Weal is a nice enough young chap and nothing like as smug as that dreadful Hague kid (remember him?). And what about that amazingly articulate young person who got all those Trot juices flowing at Stop The Cuts meetings a while back? Seriously, you have to admire any teenager who is articulate and self-confident enough to address a big conference audience but I can't help thinking that I prefer those young scallywags who were making bonfires in Whitehall nine months ago.

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henry said...


No doubt he is a 'nice' young bloke but... but.... but... he just could turn out to be another Straw, Hoon, Blunkett, and yes, even another Little Billy Hague.
Even though there was an air of grammar school debating society about him, it did feel like a fresh breeze blew through the hall when he used the phrase, "...ruthlessly ripped apart by a vicious, right-wing Tory government..."

I can never really understand why Labour seems so scared of old fashioned fighting talk like that. It's their loss...

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