“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Health and safety on the back foot.

I have mentioned before my concerns about cuts to the Health And Safety Executive and I'm afraid that my worst fears are coming true. Anyone who thinks that "health and safety" is nothing but Nanny State trampling on our freewheeling lives, and such people tend to have never worked anywhere more dangerous than an office in my experience, should take a look at Hazards magazine; and wise up.


Gitane said...

Upon opening your blog I immediately dashed into the hall and retrieved my umbrella from the live shell case that we use to store such walking aids. Sitting under the now erected umbrella in the front room I was immediately castigated by my partner for health and safety reasons, "put it down you daft bastard you'll have someones eye out". She (of the insisting that blunt knives are safe and yet unable to open a bottle of bleach or cough mixture brigade)then said "its only raining on his new wall paper setting its not really happening". Hah, I blubbed, you know nothing of situationism, this is an image to which I must react.
Meanwhile the 5 year old grandson in his Spiderman outfit was repeatedly jumping from a chair and throwing himself against the wall in the kitchen and inevitably sliding down to the floor. "Grand dad why don't my Spiderman powers work?". "Ask your Gran, she's turned them off because she's a Health and Safety expert"; "can I get under the umbrella with you then?" he replied, "of course I said but put your safety glasses on first though", he took my glasses off balanced them on his nose ane we discussed Wilhelm Reich till bedtime (mine not his). I dreamt about Jane Russell and Ena Sharples.

ray said...

Gitane, you're a national treasure.