“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Friday, 24 December 2010

The rise and rise of Laurie Penny.

I told you that Laurie Penny was good and the Penny Red girl has proved me right with a fine bit of scribbling in today's Guardian. Penny Red - she's on the money if you ask me.


Gitane said...

See another favorite lady of yours has got the OBE, probably for that awful cornucopia of carols. Penny red often comes across as a finger wagging grand daughter; she's right about one thing our generation gave up too early we should have carried on fighting instead of turning to consumerism. Still it was never as easy as she seems to think; just when you think it's all going to a sort of plan and put your feet up to read a bit of fiction for a change,in a pub with a fag on aaah.... wallop along comes Thatcherism or Blairism and now the anti democracy of the fucking coalition and I can just about run up the fucking stairs never mind storming the houses of parliament and dropping a number two on the speaker's chair. Sorry Penny but some of us tired of the permanent revolution and your generation is definitely going to be the first to be shortchanged by our failure, we tried and many of us are trying still.
Anyway Ray the real question is what is it with you, and what I can only describe as, "posh birds"?

ray said...

Ah! Gitane. Me and posh birds. If only the attraction had been mutual. But seriously, I don't think that you can accuse Annie Lennox of being posh can you? As for the rest of your post I recognise only too well that tired feeling of defeat but the last couple of months and being out on the streets with the kids have been a real lift. Fuck it, at 68 there 's nothing left to lose.

Gitane said...

Posh? Depends where you start from really. No knickers, smudged lipstick and laddered fishnets are as far as I've got and that's just me men friends! So a woman who looks like she could be an air freshener is posh.
When it comes to demos I'm strictly old school, Communard old, "beneath the pavement lies a beach" old, "ni passara" old," casse tout" old,"no justice no peace" old, fire and heads on pikes old, "We come from the slums of London" old. Remember all that stuff about destruction being creative? Anything less would be disappointing....

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