“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lewes revisited.

I have just got back from a day trip to Lewes. Of course at this time of year the place is psyching itself up for the 5th of November when the town resembles a cross between the Wicker Man and the Gordon Riots. It's an odd little place and no mistake, but the couple of pints of Harveys in the pub next to the brewery went down rather well. Apart from the excellent beer Lewes also has a prison, a castle, lots of posh shops and a wonderful little printers called The Tom Paine Press. The town was also home to something called "Cloth Kits" that sold bits of material to the dimmer members of the 1970s chattering classes who would sew them together in order to make themselves and their kids look like nothing on earth. I am told that Lewes was also home to the very first Farmers Market. I can well believe it.
Returning home to the metropolis I stepped down from the train to discover that Boris Johnson has done the dirty on his Bullingdon Club chums and denounced Gideon's housing benefit proposals as something that might lead to a Kosovo type tragedy. Slightly over egged Boris, but we take your point. When it comes to our Mayor I tend to agree with Arthur Smith who said that he tried to dislike old Eton Boy as a mental exercise - but didn't always find it easy.

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Gitane said...

Oh come on Ray if London's inner city poor are to be moved to Margate's b and bs who'll clean the toilets in Boris's house?

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