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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Badger cull may be the only option.

I don't know enough about the part that badgers play in the spread of bovine TB to have any strong opinions about the rights and wrongs of a badger cull but I do think that there is a real danger of decisions being influenced by an ill informed but vociferous towny wildlife lobby. Badgers are appealing and interesting creatures but if the population is infected with TB and tens of thousands of cattle are prematurely slaughtered every year and millions of pounds paid out in compensation something will have to be done: however distasteful.

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These Interminable Creatures said...

I came to this blog from a link regarding big society.

As to the badger cull issue you have it completely backwards. The lobby is full of farmers and landowners who's prejudice and refusal to examine the facts leads them to continually cry for a cull.

Millions have been spent on research programs that have shown that badger culling is not a viable option.

If there is a travesty here it is that politicians who claim to like evidence in fact ignore it when push comes to shove.

The people calling for the cull are angry and understandably so. It hurts their livelihood. But make no mistake campaigning against the cull has very little to do with towny bunny hugging.

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