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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Women boxers set for 2012

I'm pretty used to making a bit of a prat of myself but I surpassed myself the other day. I was doing some work on the allotment site and one of the people involved was a tough looking Aussie girl. I heard rugby mentioned at one stage but didn't take a lot of notice. Later on I asked her if she was a rugby coach only to be told that she was director of English Women's Rugby and was preparing our squad for the World Cup to be held here in a couple of months time. Ooops! She took it in good part but such is the attitude toward so much of women's sport that she probably has to deal with blokes like me every day. Things are improving though and nowhere more so than in the world of women's boxing. We have some really sharp skillful and dedicated fighters in this country and with the likes of Nicola Adams, Natasha Jonas, Lucy O' Connor and Nina Smith we could end up with a very powerful team for 2012. When it comes to dedication and hard work most women athletes could show our male footballers a thing or two.

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Anonymous said...

"And could show our male footballers a thing or two"

Well that would not be hard!