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Monday, 29 June 2009

British Scientists in Tea Breakthrough.

The bottled water scam is of course well known and I'm sure that by now only the very daft will be paying good money for something that you can get out of the kitchen tap. But where did all this obsessive fear about dehydration come from in the first place? Half the population seem unable to pop down to the shops unless they are clutching a bottle of water. I never drink water (well with my iron constitution I could easily rust) but I do drink gallons of tea and have always maintained that a good cup of builders is just as rehydrating as water. Now my long held opinion is being confirmed by "scientific research" no less and experts are telling us that a good cuppa is not only a rehydrater but is a sure fire answer to every medical problem from blackwater fever to ingrowing toenails. Oh! hang about. I see that this research was funded by the Tea Council. Ah! well, never mind.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed sir, you can't beat a good old cuppa!