“The society which has abolished every kind of adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure.” Paris, May 1968

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Requiem for a good honest pro.

We lost a genuine sporting hero earlier this week with the passing of former British, European and Commonwealth light heavyweight champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Chris Finnegan. I remember Finnegan best for his fights with Gypsy John Frankham. These two were good mates outside the ring but you would never have known this looking at the two massive tear ups they had. Chris was the real deal. Not for him the carefully manufactured unbeaten record before challenging for a World Title recognized by one or another of the alphabet soup governing bodies.When he climbed through the ropes for his big chance Chris had to face the truly great Bob Foster.
Chris Finnegan was that most respected of fight game characters and one that is becoming a bit of a rarity; a good honest pro.

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